William Beckman is an Information Security Professional.  Currently working for a Cyber Security company in San Antonio, Texas.  His job title is Senior Cyber Security Engineer, which helps to safeguard organization’s computer networks and systems. He plans and carry's out security measures to monitor and protect sensitive data and systems from infiltration and cyber-attacks.

 At his previous job, he worked at Marine Military Academy for 20 years.  William taught Information Security and Networking to high school students.  William will tell his students that “it’s your job to protect your information and hopefully teach others on how to protect themselves”.  His other duties consisted on troubleshooting, maintaining and planning the entire Academy’s infrastructure which consisted of networks, servers, and security.  For after school activates he coached baseball, weight lifting, repelling, chess, and CyberPatriot. 

 William has worked in the Information Technologies fields since 1990 while working with a wide range of companies, hospitals, doctors, attorneys, governments, etc. Holds multiple certificates in Cyber Security, Computer Forensics, Ethical Hacker, and related fields. 

Eric Commodore is a Managing Director with BNY Mellon, where he is driving Risk and Resiliency efforts for Client Technology Solutions.    Eric previously served as Chief Administrative Officer for BNY Mellon's Asset Service Technology (AST) group.    Prior to assuming the role of CAO for AST, Eric held roles as a Mainframe and Distributed Software developer, Project Manager, Development Manager and Senior Information Risk Officer. 

Mr. Commodore is invested in education and invested in his community.   He is a former member of the Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical (Monty Tech) School Committee, where he served as both the Vice-Chair of the Committee and the Chair of the Financial Planning

Eric wants to help students achieve and volunteers his time assisting the Monty Tech Marine Corps JROTC Program, participates in CyberPatriot as a mentor and performs mock interviews for the students in the Information Technology Program. 

Eric serves as Past-President of the Fitchburg State University Alumni Board and has held roles as President, President-Elect and Treasurer.   As President of the association, Eric held a seat on the Fitchburg State University Foundation Board.    

 Eric earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems from Fitchburg State University and a Master of Business Administration degree in International Business from Bentley

Eric Commodore

 William B Strother, Sr is an IT director for a high school computer program. The IT path took William to the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, where he received a BS in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics, a Master of Science in Information Management from Bay College, and he is currently completing a PhD  from Capella University.  

William has worked as a consultant for almost 25 years throughout the New England area. For the last 10 years he worked as both a college professor and as a high school teacher. William stated "the IT field has been one that I’ve loved for over 25 years, and it began with a simple four week programming class in LOGO some three decades ago. It’s amazing that a single moment can change the very course of one’s life." 

William  often tells his students that "this is much more than a career for me it’s a life changer". Williams  passion for the field of Information Technology and Education has inspired him to begin writing a book on “How I fell in love with IT”.

William currently lives in Springfield, Massachusetts with his lovely wife and 4 adult kids. 

William (Bill)


William Strother, Sr.



Harold A. Knapp is the Associate Director of Information Technology Service and Network Operations Director at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts.  He is responsible for maintaining and securing a campus network infrastructure and server hosting platform for a highly selective, four year, undergraduate, liberal arts institution that ranks among the nation's leading four year liberal arts colleges.

Harold has worked in the computer industry for 30 years, on a variety of networks and environments, and is daily working on Linux (RedHat and Ubuntu), Windows, and networking gear by Aruba/HPE and CISCO. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Michigan Technological University.  He has knowledge in many different technological areas.  

Harold served as an active duty Navy Corpsman from 1985 to 1989 and was part of a mobile medical augmentation surgical support group.  He was called back to active duty and assigned to the Marines as a combat corpsman for the first Gulf War in 1990 and remained on active duty for the duration. 

Harold is a self described geek and enjoys sharing his knowledge with others and looks forward to working with young Officer Cadets during STEM camp.



Erin D. Hughes is an Information Security Professional.  Currently working for a Cyber Security company in Milpitas California.  He is a Senior Consultant, for Mandiant Professional Service, which helps to respond company’s needs with deploying and administering Cyber Security equipment to prevent and respond to cyber-attacks.

Erin has worked in the computer industry for 20 years, on a variety of networks and environments all over the world ,including China and Singapore as well as working in Japan as a Linux and Unix administrator for over 8 years. He holds certifications in Project Management, Windows, Linux and is an Amazon Web Services Certified Solutions Architect.

Additionally, Erin has volunteered in a number of disaster areas such as helping to remove debris after the earthquakes in Kumamoto Japan and flooding in Baton Rouge Louisiana.

Erin served as an active duty Marine from 1991 and was a Reconnaissance Marine in 2nd SRIG as well as a TOW gunner in 4th Marine TOW Platoon where he left active duty as a Sergeant in 1997.  

Erin enjoys teaching and looks forward to sharing his years of experience with young Marine Officer Cadets during this training evolution.



Mike graduated from DeVry in 2009 with a Bachelor's Degree in Network and Communications Management. Mike has been working in IT since 2008.

Mike worked public education sector setting from 2009 through 2016 as a Hardware/Software Technician where he performed:

  • Troubleshooting Macs and PCs

  • Troubleshooting Networks

  • Deploying software

  • Managing anti-virus software

  • Managing District websites

  • Managing Google Console

  • Designing and deploying new technologies

  • Training Sessions

Mike has been employed at Medidata Solutions as a Support Engineer since 2016 providing on-site support during company events at remote locations and enforcing security guidelines.

Mike has been an instructor for the MCJROTC Cyber Stem Camps since the first camp offered in 2012.   Mike really enjoys working with and inspiring young student. 



Brittany Wilbert is a Engineer in the Privacy and Security department at Google, recently moving to the San Francisco Bay Area after growing up in Houston, Texas. She has previously worked in audit, compliance, and IT security as both an analyst and a consultant, as well as served as a team lead within departments.

Brittany has always been interested in training, and has assisted in training both high school students as well as served as training curriculum creator and facilitator within her previous teams.

In her spare time, Brittany has served her community in various efforts in order to give back to the communities that have given so much to her.

Brittany went to San Houston State University, obtaining her Bachelors of Science in Computer Science with an Emphasis in Information Assurance, and her Master Degree in Information Assurance and Security.

STEM Instructors